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12 PhD opportunities in YEAST Biotechnology in a European Network (YEASTDOC)

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Détails de l’offre

Mots clés : Yeast; biotechnology; aroma; yeast diversity; stress; quantitative genetics

Description du sujet :
12 PhD opportunities in YEAST Biotechnology in a European Network called YEASTDOC available in leading European Groups in a Marie-Sklowodoska training network. The scientific aim of the project is to maximize the potential of Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces yeasts in the beverage and white biotechnology sectors. This is a high quality programmes that deliver comprehensive training in many aspects of yeast biotechnology – as well as an exciting research project that includes interaction with industry partners.

Profil du candidat :
•An MSc degree in microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology or similar discipline.
•Demonstrated track record of motivation and high academic achievement
• Ability to work independently and in a team environment
• Compliance with EU Marie Curie ITN eligibility requirements (see https://yeastdoc.eu/)
• Willingness to undertake secondments and training with different partners
• Excellent English language skills
•Applicants from any nationality anywhere in the world are eligible to apply

Date limite de candidature : 13/11/17

Date de début du contrat : 02/04/18

Contact : Virginie GALEOTE (galeote@supagro.inra.fr)

Financement :

non négociable Financement public uniquement

European financement

Equipe/Service d'accueil

Physiologie Intégrative


Chef d'équipe : Sylvie DEQUIN (dequin@supagro.inra.fr)

Domaine principal d'activité : Levures

Membres de l'équipe :

Laboratoire/Entreprise :

Sciences pour l'Oenologie (UMR SPO)

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Directeur : Jean-Marie SABLAYROLLES

Laboratoire public (Code unité : UMR 1083)


2 place Viala
Batiment 28
34060 Montpellier
Languedoc Roussillon