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Systems analysis of the yeast Hxk2/Snf1/Mig1 network.

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Description du sujet :
PhD student in Molecular Systems Biology at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Project: The research project “Systems analysis of the yeast Hxk2/Snf1/Mig1 network” aims at a better understanding of the dynamic control of the Hxk2/Snf1/Mig1 glucose signalling pathway employing single cell technology developed in the ISOLATE project. Data generated in the project will be interpreted by mathematical modelling together with other project partners to understand feedback and feed-forward mechanisms of signalling. Mutants and inhibitory compounds will be used to test how those affect determination of thresholds, bistability and oscillations. The analysis will reveal the genetic determination of the system properties, how they are regulated and how robustness against perturbation is established.

Profil du candidat :
Requested Background and/or Interests: Yeast biology, yeast genetics, glucose signaling, microscopy, image analysis, development of mathematical models, ‘systems’ thinking. Preferably Master in relevant subject such as Molecular Biology; education in an additional relevant subject will be an advantage. The applicant must be fluent in written and spoken English and must not have spent more time at an institute in Sweden than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to recruitment.
Application and selection procedures:
The positions are available in the group of Prof. Stefan Hohmann. The group studies signalling mechanisms in yeast using experimentation and modelling with focus on the HOG and other MAPK pathways as well as nutrient-induced signalling systems such as the Snf1 pathway.
Positions will be open until filled. The starting date should preferably be before July 1, 2012.
Support will be available with all formalities and issues when moving into Sweden. Sweden is part of the European Union.
The application should include (1) a max. one-page cover letter with a justification why this position was chosen as well as a career vision statement, (2) a complete CV with details on education, previous research activities and a list of publications (if any), (3) a copy of the passport or ID with picture, (4) two letters of recommendation.
Applications should be e-mailed, ideally as a single PDF, to stefan.hohmann@gu.se and maria.enge@gu.se. Applicants may be invited to a first interview via Skype and a second interview in Gothenburg.

Date limite de candidature : 15/06/12

Date de début du contrat : 02/07/12

Contact : Stefan HOHMANN (stefan.hohmann@gu.se)

Financement :

À négocier Financement public uniquement mensuel de 2000€ net.

SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME - THE PEOPLE PROGRAMME - Initial Training Networks (ITN) Recruitment of Early Stage Researchers (PhD students, maximum 4 years since graduation) from EC Member States and associated countries - also open to researchers from third countries. Researchers are required to move from one country to another when taking up the appointment. These positions are part of the Initial Training Project ISOLATE, aiming at developing different technologies for single cell analysis, with partner laboratories in Gothenburg, Groningen, Zürich, Oxford, Odense, Prague and Bremen PhD student positions in Sweden and at the University of Gothenburg are commonly for a period of five years including 60% of full time dedicated to research, 20% to scientific and professional education as well as 20% involvement as assistant in teaching. Students within the ISOLATE project are expected to attend scientific and professional development courses both locally as well as potentially at other partner universities and those courses and meetings organised by the project. It is further expected that students actively participate in meetings of the network and attend international scientific conferences. Students are also expected to spend certain periods in the laboratory of collaborating research groups within the project. The applicable salary follows the amounts allocated according to EC-funded ITN projects and the taxation regulations of Sweden and Gothenburg. The salary covers all social security and medical insurance and will be in the order of € 2,000 net (somewhat higher if family allowance applies) payable in Swedish Crowns.

Equipe/Service d'accueil

Molecular biology of yeast stress responses


Chef d'équipe : Stefan HOHMANN (stefan.hohmann@gu.se)

Domaine principal d'activité : Levures

Membres de l'équipe :

Laboratoire/Entreprise :

Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Microbiology section

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Directeur : Per SUNNERHAGEN

Laboratoire public (Code unité : University of Gothenburg)


Medicinaregatan 9C
University of Gothenburg, Box 462
41390 Gothenburg